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We Are Your Expert Eyes.

As busy Building Surveyors our diaries are booked a number of weeks in advance and will be within our ‘patch’ meaning clients can be assured of local knowledge specific to the area in which they are purchasing.

Care is taken to plan our journey times, the route to be taken and anticipated time on site although this can change as not every property is what it may seem and careful consideration is required prior to reporting to our clients.
A check of our equipment to perform the inspection is vital, spare batteries are a must and a coat as I found out early in my career on a cold and damp day in March assessing a Watermill and Farmhouse!

A major consideration for our working day is that we work alone meaning every job requires to be assessed for risk in the interest of a safe working environment, whether that be for a vacant property or a dog loose in a property to name but a few. The other side of this is that we are trusted with access to homes whether by keys from estate agents or visiting with an owner in residence.

When on site, I prefer to inspect the external areas first, conducting my inspection of the property and grounds recording any defects which require consideration when the internal parts are reached following the trail of suspicion to be reported to the client. Our inspections are non-invasive and it may be that defects found cannot be fully explained  having followed the trail as far as possible and that further investigation by an appropriately experienced contractor is required.

I finish my inspections by making sure that everything is left as found i.e. windows are closed and doors locked, bid the owner goodbye or return the keys to the selling agent.

The return journey home offers further time for contemplation prior to completing my report as the wheels turn…
It is fair to say that no two properties are the same, I could be at a 17th century grade II listed cottage in the morning and a modern apartment in the afternoon which means that every day offers something of an adventure!

We are your expert eyes and the value of a survey cannot be overstated, it provides an impartial view of your chosen property giving clients the advice they need to proceed with confidence.  To get an instant online quote for your local surveyor simply click here and complete our 30 second form.

By Allan Henderson – AssocRICS