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Book a Level 3 Home Survey (Formerly known as a Building Survey)

This service is broadly equivalent to RICS level 3, which is described on the RICS website at www.rics.org/homesurveys.

Building Surveys

Book a Level 3 Home Survey (Building Survey) and check a property’s condition, construction and stability.

As multi-award-winning Building Surveyors, we provide detailed Home Surveys across the country that are suitable for almost all residential properties. Even if a home is in a pretty bad state of repair, our highly experienced UK Surveyors will be able to provide a detailed account of a property’s structure and stability. With a Level 3 Home Survey – Building Survey from Gold Crest Surveyors, any serious structural issues will be clearly identified and explained. Costs can be added to provide you with an idea of what it will be to fix the Urgent problem(s) or improve the residential building.

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Level 3 Home Survey Report

This type of Building Survey will provide you with a full picture of the property’s condition, with expert guidance in relation to remedial work and associated impending problems. Your Level 3 Home Survey report can include estimated costs of repair or improvement work that needs to be carried out. Using photographic evidence of defects we find and simple explanations of repair work costs, you will easily be able to understand the Building Survey Report and what our surveyors may have uncovered.

Typically a Level 3 Building Survey is needed if the property has an unusual construction, is in a poor state of repair, has been extensively altered or extended or major conversion or renovation work is planned. A Level 3 Home Survey can be tailored to your individual needs and focus on certain aspects of the property that may be causing you concern.

Within the Level 3 Home Survey, you’ll find technical information regarding the construction of the building, along with the materials which have been used, and any minor and major defects. The type of residential Home Survey is to RICS Level 3 Home Survey Reporting Standards, which you can learn more about here.

Once you have your building Survey Report, you will be able to make a more informed and reasoned decision when it comes to buying a property in the UK or planning how much it would cost to turn a building into your dream home. It is also key for property developers hoping to upgrade a building and either rent it out or sell it for a healthy profit.

Save Time & Money With A Building Survey

At Gold Crest Surveyors, we are able to help buyers and property investors save thousands of pounds by revealing minor and major defects that are not easy to spot with the untrained eye. With our professional skills and experience, we can pinpoint issues that, if left, could cause significant financial repairs further down the line. Save yourself time, money and unnecessary stress and book a professional Level 3 Building Survey Report today.

Building Surveys

What is Included and can be added into a Level 3 Building Survey Report..

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