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Gold Crest is one of the few Surveyors in Manchester offering Building Survey reports on Listed Buildings. If you are looking for a Manchester Surveyor and you are considering buying an old property, here are some of the comments that you might find in one of our Surveyors in Manchester.

Comments from a Listed Building Survey:

  It is apparent that the render and pointing may be cement-based. Cement is not the ideal material to use in this location, as it prevents the masonry from breathing and seals in any dampness. In addition, the render is significantly weathered. This is likely to lead to damage to the masonry beneath as moisture will become trapped. It is, therefore, recommended that the remaining render is removed, this is likely to damage masonry in the process and an allowance should therefore be made to chop out any damaged bricks and replace them. This work should be carried out by reputable contractors who have experience in working with historic listed buildings. It should also be overseen by the local authority as the building is Grade II listed they will ensure that the works are carried out in conjunction with Historic England requirements. Works to this part of the property will require the erection of scaffolding or mechanical access equipment. 

The roof covering is a replacement to the original. This work should have been carried out with Building Regulations approval and listed building consent as the property is Grade II listed to confirm that the correct materials were used, and that the insulation in the roof is up to modern standards. Your legal advisers should check that the correct documentation is in place. Without the correct documentation, the future resale of the property could be hindered.

 We observed there are no rainwater goods to the first floor doors and as a result water is leaking from above and pooling on the patio. The appropriate repair works are, therefore, necessary and these should be implemented as soon as possible, otherwise rainwater leakage could damage other components of the building.

 There is cracking to the front elevation at low level that is likely to be caused by faulty drainage from the rain water gully to the right of the cracks. A specialist drainage contractor report will, therefore, be required, which should involve a water retention test, possibly followed by a CCTV inspection. The local water company may be responsible for drainage repairs and this should be confirmed by your legal advisors. If defects are found, it is likely that the drains will be able to be sleeved but some excavations may be necessary as the subsoil/substrata beneath the foundations may have eroded away, creating voids.

If drains are found to be damaged close to the location of the cracking, trial inspection pits will need to be dug to ensure that the matrix of the earth is stable beneath the foundations. If the soil is found to be unstable, further work to support the property may be required. The drainage inspection and trial pits will need to be supervised by a structural engineer, who will then be able to provide you with a document to prove the structural adequacy of the foundations; this could be required for your building’s insurance and future sale of the property. Once the drains are repaired, and/or the foundations are confirmed as stable, the cracks can be repointed. All cracks should be raked out to a depth of around 2cm to ensure a good key for the new mortar. Lime mortar (not cement) should be used to allow the brickwork to breathe.

  We observed cracking in the rear walls above the extension that is indicative of slight deflection of the lintel below where the wall has been removed in the kitchen. The extension would have required Building Regulation approval from the local council and a Professional Consultants Certificate should also be made available to ensure these works were carried out correctly. If documentation is not available, then invasive works may be necessary to establish whether the size of the lintel is adequate to carry the load.

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