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Masonry Bees

Yes, that’s right, bees in the walls! Earlier this year I was lucky enough to actually see these bees flying in and out of a wall and managed to take the above picture. Mason bees use the holes/cracks found in walls to create their nest. These types of bees are solitary, so don’t get your hopes up for finding honey as you won’t find a hive inside the wall. However, that doesn’t mean they will not cause damage. In extreme cases they can cause significant structural damage resulting in reconstruction. Most of the time the damage is minor and simply re-pointing the masonry should solve the problem. If the bees are nesting in an old a solid brick wall, then it is best to instruct a pest control contractor to first use insecticidal dust, as most often lime mortars are slow setting allowing the bees to ‘eat’ their way out.

Masonry bees are not only found in walls, they tend to use any slight cavity and dust/mud like material to create their nest, so they are also commonly found in window vents, air bricks and between roof tiles. They are usually seen from early spring to mid-summer and still pack a punch with their stings, so bee careful! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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