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If you’re looking for Watford surveyors, we’re here to help. A local surveyor is not always easy to find, but our locally based Watford Surveyors will be able to assist you in your dreams, so that dream of finding a property that doesn’t fall apart can become truly cemented.

Here are some extracts from a recent Building Survey Report. The photo above is of a similar property.

Some lifting roof tiles were observed. Weather conditions like snow, high winds, and ice can gradually create prolonged damage to roofs over time. High winds create wind uplift pressure on the roof, which can cause tiles to loosen, exposing timbers and insulation and ultimately damaging the property.

The rainwater fittings showed no signs of significant defects or leakage but will require routine maintenance/clearance. The weather was dry during the inspection, therefore, we cannot confirm the rainwater goods are totally serviceable. While PVC will not require redecoration, it is recommended that washing is undertaken periodically. PVC rainwater goods will become brittle with age and are subject to relatively high thermal movement and frequently ‘click’ in response to this from sunshine during warm periods.

There are some wooden gutters. Wooden gutters will need more maintenance than PVC. Wooden gutters that are not painted or sealed will crack and quickly rot. Make sure to seal the inside and outside of your gutters and re-painting once every other year with a high-quality paint or sealer. Gutters full of wet leaves will not work properly, saturate into the wood, and will eventually rot. You should also clean wooden gutters every 6 months or as needed. We observed wet rot to the external joinery. It will be necessary to allow for implementing of appropriate repair works. A qualified joiner should be obtained to carry out this work. These are things our Watford surveyors will pick up on for you.

There is what appears to be vertical thermal cracking to the front window lintel and this is thought to be of little significance. This happens when the masonry expands and contracts in differing seasons. The cracks should be raked out to a depth of around 2cm and repointed with a lime mortar, with any damaged masonry being replaced. Our Watford surveyors also had this advice. Lime should be used and not cement as it is more flexible and could help prevent the crack from opening up again in the future. If the cracks open up again, further advice should be obtained from a structural engineer, as the cracking could be difficult to prevent without the installation of an expansion joint.

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There is evidence of cement rendering. We should mention that cement render on solid brick walls is not ideal, as it can lock in moisture and damage the brickwork beneath. Ideally, the render should be removed from the solid brick walls, unless it can be confirmed that lime render was used, with a breathable paint finish. At the very least, all cracks found in the render should be sealed when they occur, to minimise the risk of damage to the brickwork beneath.

Don’t waste any more time if you are thinking of buying a property in Watford. Our Watford surveyors will be able to help you to pursue your dreams and make sure that you buy with your eyes open to the potential defects.