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Secure peace of mind by using RICS Qualified Surveyors for your survey needs in Kent

The best way of avoiding unforeseen costly repair bills when you purchase a property is to commission a RICS Level 3 Full Building Survey. Having a RICS Level 3 survey tucked under your belt is also a great idea to head off any problems experienced through nervous buyers pulling out when you’re selling your property.

Everyone knows they can rely 100% on the findings of an unbiased RICS Level 3 Survey.

RICS Red Book Valuations of Properties in Kent

Anyone can get a local estate agent to carry out a property valuation. However, there is always an underlying concern that an estate agent could be motivated by achieving a quick sale or be concerned about the commission they might earn. That can’t happen when you commission a RICS approved property valuation in Kent.

As your local RICS approved surveyors in Kent, all property valuations we undertake are carried out in full accordance with the RICS Red Book. By following a strict code of practice, you are assured of being given an independent, non-biased, accurate property valuation. This type of valuation is insisted on by those in the legal, tax, or accounting professions for things like:

  • Buying or selling a property
  • For probate of transfer of estate purposes
  • Tax planning
  • For calculating capital gains tax
  • The transference of assets into an SIPP pension fund
  • Legal proceedings such as divorce and matrimonial settlements
  • Valuations regarding shared ownership
  • Rent reviews and negotiations
  • Applying for a mortgage

When you commission us to carry out a RICS Red Book valuation, you are not only assured of being given an accurate valuation, you will also be made aware of any suspected defects that could cause costly problems.

RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Report on Properties in Kent

If you are interested in a post-war-built property that is in reasonable condition, a RICS Level 2 Kent Homebuyer Report could be the right survey for you. While it is not as comprehensive as a RICS Level 3 full survey, it will still pick up and report on any potential issues that could become a problem in the near future leading to a costly repair.

Presented using a traffic light colour-coded system, a RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Report is a summary of a visual inspection carried out at the property in question to evaluate the overall condition of the building and report on any obvious defects.

  • The Level 1 green section of the report covers items where no action is required
  • The Level 2 amber section of the report covers defects that require attention and that need repair but not urgently
  • The Level 3 of the report covers items that require urgent repair

Things Covered in a Level 2 Kent homebuyer’s Report

  • A visual inspection of the general condition and state of repair of the property
  • A report on any significant faults or defects, including any implications, along with recommendations for further action that should be taken
  • A visual inspection regarding all building elements, both inside and out, covering walls, ceilings, roof, guttering, and Windows.
  • An appraisal of electricity/gas/water and drainage services
  • Any applicable observations regarding planning and building control and possible disputes or other matters that need to be investigated by your conveyancer

A RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Report also includes an independent property valuation so you can rest assured that the value you’re being asked to pay is appropriate in terms of the property and its location. This type of report will help you to make a reasoned and informed judgement as to whether or not to proceed with purchasing said property.

RICS Level 3 Kent Building Surveys

As mentioned in the introduction, a RICS Level 3 Full Building Survey is designed to give you a comprehensive, fully detailed survey report covering the suitability of purchasing the property in question.

This type of survey will be carried out by one of our experienced, fully qualified RICS surveyors. If the property you are thinking of purchasing in Kent was built before the 1900s and has been significantly extended or renovated, this level of survey is essential.

The survey will cover walls, floors and ceilings, plus roof and cellar inspection if the building has one. Our surveyor will also check the chimneys and any outbuildings.

Although a Kent RICS Level 3 Full Building Survey is the most expensive survey you can commission, it can save you tens of thousands of pounds in unsuspected repair costs that come to light at a later date.

If any defects are reported, you can use a trusted RICS approved survey to negotiate a price reduction with the vendor.

If you have a survey requirement in the Kent area, please call our customer service team to discuss your needs. Any type of survey under the RICS banner can be relied upon 100%.