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Brighton Chartered Surveyors

If you are in need of a property survey in Brighton or the surrounding district, we can take care of everything. We are Gold Crest – RICS approved and regulated Brighton Chartered Surveyors. Whatever your Building Survey needs, our friendly, qualified, professional team is here to help. You can commission us to undertake the following services on your behalf:

Schedule of Condition for Brighton Commercial Leasehold Properties

To ensure that you are not put into a position whereby you are unexpectedly asked to cover remedial costs to a commercial property in Brighton property that you will be leasing in Brighton, it’s always a good idea to commission a Schedule of Condition before you sign the lease in Brighton. We can perform this service for you.

When we undertake this type of service on your behalf, we inspect every part of the property you are responsible for under the lease, to make sure you are made aware of any problems or defects both internally and externally. This will help to ensure you are not expected to spend large sums of money when you vacate the property, making reparations for which you are not responsible.

If, before you sign the lease for your Brighton property, you believe it to be in poor condition, rather than a Schedule of Condition survey and report, it might be more appropriate to commission us to carry out a Level 3 Building Survey. Our team of Brighton surveyors can provide this service plus give you advice on any repair work required. Click here to get your instant quote.

Brighton Property Valuations

If you are buying a property in Brighton that you think is in good condition, but you would like some assurance as to its genuine value, one of the many services the team here at Gold Crest perform are Brighton property valuations.

One of our local Chartered Surveyors will visit the property to gather the necessary information to compile the valuation report. The surveyor will be RICS qualified and a Registered Valuer (a member of the VRS Valuation Registration Scheme).

A Brighton home purchase is a serious financial commitment, and as such, we always strongly recommend having a Level 2 Homebuyers Survey Report carried out as a minimum. Brighton home valuations can be added as part of this type of survey service. We do however carry out standalone Valuations, for purposes such as Probate, Help to Buy and Tax.

If you are selling a property in Brighton, a Brighton home valuation will help you and any potential buyers to be sure that your property is correctly valued in terms of the local property market. Whether you’re buying or selling, why not talk to the team here at Gold Crest today to discuss which type of survey will be most appropriate.

Brighton Level 2 Homebuyer Reports – RICS Level 2

If you’re buying a property in the Brighton area and you value accurate information, when buying property in Brighton Level 2 Homebuyer Reports are the way to go. When we carry out a Level 2 Homebuyer report, it is equivalent to an RICS Level 2 survey. This type of survey is ideal for properties built after 1900 and that are in reasonable condition. It will identify and report on any defects you cannot easily spot unless you have a professional, trained eye.

A Gold Crest Level 2 Homebuyer report uses a simple traffic light colour-coded system to detail and categorise the condition of each area of the property. You can add a property valuation (as mentioned above), your Level 2 Homebuyer report will also indicate any areas that are a cause of concern for safety. To book your RICS Level 2, Brighton property survey with us, call us today on 01273 749686.

Brighton Level 3 Building Surveys – RICS Level 3

If you’re thinking of buying a property in the Brighton area that is in poor condition, is pre 1900, or has been significantly externded ar altered, one of our RICS Level 3 Brighton Building Surveys is the answer.

When one of Gold Crest’s qualified Surveyors carries out an RICS Level 3 survey, you can rest assured that any serious structural problems will be clearly identified and detailed, complete with any costs that are likely to be incurred with fixing any issues or improving the property. Photographs of problem areas are also included.

Brighton Party Wall Surveys

If you’re planning on doing some work on your property that might affect a Party Wall, we always recommend having Brighton Party Wall Survey carried out before the commencement of any work. It is one of the many RICS standard survey services our team at Gold Crest Brighton Surveyors offer.

We will Survey the relevant area of the adjoining owner’s property and, upon successful completion, we will issue a Party Wall Award. As well as protecting your neighbour’s rights, Brighton Party Wall Surveys will also identify any defects to enable a joint agreement to be reached in terms of method of construction, working hours on-site, and noise levels. Party Wall Surveys are essential to protect the interests of both parties financially and socially. If you are on the receiving end of a Party Wall Notice and you have any concerns, we here at Gold Crest Brighton Surveyors will be pleased to help.

The Effects of Sea Weather on Properties in Brighton

Living close to the sea has certain attractions, but it can have a downside too, especially in terms of exposure to salt and water vapour.Properties in and around Brighton and other seaside resorts are susceptible to salt air corrosion. This type of corrosion can be carried up to 50 miles inland by the weather. It expedites rusting of metal and causes damage to wood. If the exterior of a property in such an area has not been regularly pressure washed, it will probably have sustained damage.

Higher levels of water vapour can also cause defects that are associated with costal areas, such as ‘cavity wall tie failure’. As experienced Brighton surveyors, the team here at Gold Crest are very familiar with the problems caused by salt air and accelerated corrosion caused by water vapour, and when you commission us to Survey a property for you, this issue will be addressed, and any resultant damage highlighted and reported.

The Surveyor team at Gold Crest are here to help. Why not call us today on 01332 678416 for a free, no-obligation chat or click here to get your Brighton Surveyors quote.