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A “Boring” Property Problem

On a recent building survey in Nottinghamshire I was in awe of the house I had been sent to inspect, as the electric gates parted an 1800s farmhouse with double extension sweeping driveway and large glazed front door with statues on either side greeted me. Starting my inspection externally I noted a new roof had recently been installed, the walls had been well maintained and windows replaced, on the internal inspection it was clear the owner liked things done correctly, not a thing out of place and only the highest spec throughout. 

My inspection took around 4 hours listing and logging every detail. The owner was happy to point me in the direction of the services and inform me he had the hot water cylinder recently relocated to the loft, which is not an unusual place to find one. 

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Clambering up the ladder I was greeted with defect after defect from insulation added to the underside of the rafters doing a perfect job of keeping the roof timbers damp with condensation, leaking hot water cylinder pipework creating hot humid air and a crumbling chimney breast, but worse of all following the recent re-roofing I was stunned to find the roof timbers were showing significant signs of wood-boring insects with visible frass (wood dust) to the majority of the timbers indicating a live infestation, thriving in the hot humid air that had been created. Certainly tenants that no one wants. 

Days later on receiving the report the client called, happy they had instructed a survey prior to purchase and saved themselves from potentially watching one of the biggest investments anyone makes being eaten by wood-boring insects.

It certainly goes to show it pays to have your next purchase inspected by Gold Crest Chartered Surveyors.