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Faulty Drainage

Faulty drainage is a very common defect found by our surveyors, especially when surveying older properties. Particularly in some areas where there are many old buildings, such as York, drainage pipes are usually brittle and generally have little protection; then, slight degrees of movement in the ground can cause cracks to appear in the runs allowing water to soften the earth/substrata around them. This can be a problem when the drain runs close to a property as the pipework is usually below the foundations. Therefore, our surveyors often find diagonal cracking at a 45-degree angle from a drainage run. Usually repairing the drain can be enough, however, sometimes the foundations have been undermined and require further support in the form of underpinning. Therefore, sometimes the drains will need to be inspected with the aid of trial pits so that the support for foundations can be confirmed as stable. However, quite often, it is found that drainage pipes can be sleeved, which can be much more cost-effective than excavating the whole system.

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